Adhesive Bonding Solutions for Blade Manufacturers

Experienced in providing realiable bonding solutions.

Sika adhesives have been used to successfully bond thousands of wind turbine blades. Our products offer high strength and crack resistance, ideal.

In blade manufacturing many internal and external elements require a wide range of different bonding properties such as open time, cure speed and other relevant mechanical properties.

Proven Track Record

For over 20 years Sika has successfully developed bonding solutions that blade manufacturers have come to rely on, providing a robust and reliable production process that ensures long blade service life even when installed in the harshest conditions.

Structural assembly of blades

Epoxy and polyurethane 2-compoment adhesives are used in structural and semi-structural bonding of both RIM and prepreg manufactured blades. These are used extensively in the wind industry.

Surface Finishing and Repair

In-factory structural and cosmetic finishing as well as onsite repair of wind turbine blades using 2-compoment epoxy resin and fast polyurethane fillers.

Auxiliary Part Bonding

Rapid  fixing and bonding of auxiliary parts and add-ons onto the blade surface using 2-component structural acrylate and epoxy adhesives.

Weather resistant sealing

Flexible 1 and 2-component sealant adhesives protect the structure of the blade and its components from moisture degradation.

High strength and toughness

SikaForce®, Sikadur® and SikaPower® structural adhesives have been used to successfully bond many thousands of wind turbine blades. These high performance products have excellent strength and crack resistance, ideal rheology, and are fast curing yet offer a long open time.



Blade bonding

Sika offers a range of solutions covering all types of blade production. Sikadur®-WTG 1280 is a lightweight, high performance, toughened epoxy adhesive that has class leading fatigue resistance. SikaForce®-7816 L60 MR is a fast curing, moisture resistant polyurethane adhesive for spar to shell bonding of prepreg blades.



Injection and repair

SikaPower ®-1200 is a room temperature curing, toughened epoxy adhesive  used for ‘drill and fill ‘ injection repair on the main structural bond lines. SikaForce® 7818 L7 is a high performance polyurethane adhesive used for lightning cable bonding and injection repairs on prepreg blades.  



Sika offers a range of solutions to repair minor blade defects in production as well as for filling and final blade surface finishing prior to the painting process.



Laminate repair

Sikadur® Blade Repair is a fast curing 2-component resin system used to repair small defects and dry spots within the blade’s laminate structure.  



Filling / surface finishing

SikaForce®-7812 L7 MR is a high performance moisture resistant body and surface filler for blades. SikaForce®-7800 Red & Blue are fast curing surface and profile fillers offered in convenient co-axial cartridge packaging for convenient on-site application.


Attachment bonding

Many internal and external auxiliary elements are bonded onto the blade within the manufacturing process. Our standard adhesive range includes products for bonding lightning protection parts, balancing blocks, vortex generators, winglets and many more.



SikaFast®-5211 NT is a 2-component acrylate adhesive that can be used to bond vortex generators, V-profiles and various other attachment parts.
SikaPower®-1511 is a fast curing thixotropic, 2-component epoxy adhesive for fast, rigid bonding of a wide variety of substrates.


Keeping the weather out

The Sikaflex® and SikaSil® range of sealants offer excellent weather resistance and long-term protection against damage caused by water ingress. Their different performance levels allow the user to tailor the end solution to the desired performance / cost specification.



Protecting the inside and outside of the nacelle

Sika’s range of sealants has a wide adhesion spectrum and adhere well to a variety of different substrates.

For severe conditions SikaSil® WS-605 S can be used in weatherproofing and sealing applications where maximum durability is required.

Sikaflex® 521-UV is suitable for areas where a high resistance against environmental stresses are expected. Both products are suitable for exterior sealing applications.
Sikaflex® 515 is a universal sealant that offers excellent sealing properties for internal applications but also outside applications requiring a lower environmental resistance.
Sikaflex®221 is mainly used for applications with low environmental stresses such as inside the nacelle.