Sika tarjoaa tiivisteitä, liimoja, suojapinnoitteita ja äänenvaimennusratkaisuja niin bussien ja kuljetusvaunujen, kuin erikoisajoneuvojenkin valmistukseen.

Higher Production Output with Sika's Efficient Solutions for Vehicle Assembly and Windshield Installation

Sika's innovative, fast cure adhesive bonding solutions and technical support help the transportation industry worldwide to increase output and lower cost of production.

Sika's global network of experts supports you in integrating adhesive bonding instead of mechanical joining techniques as well as optimizing your production.

Our local labs verify system performance on individual substrate and provide material data for the engineering of new designs and vehicles. Sika has been supporting transportation customers with efficient and innovative adhesive, sealant, and coating technologies for more than 40 years.

Rely on Sika – starting from the conception phase to production, anywhere in the world.

Person bonding a glass rear window of a bus with a manual gun
truck cabins produced with Sika solutions
of global rail fleet made stronger and safer with Sika solutions

More Output for Insulated Panel Production

SikaForce® 3C polyurethane adhesive technology provides manufacturers of sandwich panels for refrigerator trucks with unique flexibility and speed in production resulting in up to 30 % higher output.

Faster Assembly of Vehicles

Sikaflex® adhesives compatible with SikaBooster® and PowerCure technology offer a unique strength development profile. Allowing the removal of fixtures soon after installation. Vehicles may be moved to the next workstation quicker, or assembly steps following may be done earlier.

Less Working Steps in Bonding Substrate Preparation

Sikaflex® STP adhesives are silane terminate polymers that provide primerless adhesion to a wide range of bonding substrates. Sika's STP technology delivers higher strength than comparable SMP products. 

Unique Combination of Long Working Time with Fast Curing

SikaForce® Curing by Design adhesives for structural panel assembly offer an unseen mix of long working time and a swift snap cure effect, even at room temperature curing. Thus making your processes more efficient and faster.

Sika -tuotteiden palohyväksynnät liikkuvan kaluston valmistukseen

  R1/R7 R22/R23 E162 E662 E1354 BSS7239    
Sikaflex®-821 FR HL3 HL2 x x - x 12/2022 ASTM validity: 7/2022
Sikaflex®-265 HL3 - - - - - 7/2024  
Sikaflex®-268 HL3 - x x x x 7/2024 ASTM validity: 4/2022
Sikaflex®-268 + SikaBooster® P-50 HL3 - x x x x 7/2024 ASTM validity: 4/2022
Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure HL3 - x x x x 7/2024 ASTM validity: 4/2022
Sikaflex®-521  UV* HL3 - x x - x 7/2024 ASTM validity: 7/2024
Sikaflex®-558 HL3 - - - - - 7/2021  
SikaForce®-803 HL3 - - - - - 5/2024  
SikaForce®-840 HL3 - - - - - 5/2024  
SikaPower®-1200 HL3 - - - - - 5/2023  
SikaPower®-1277 HL3 - - - - - 5/2023  
Sikagard®-831 HL3 HL3 x x - - 6/2023 EN-45545-3 e-criterion
Sika® Unitherm Plat. Rail HL3 HL3 x x - - 6/2023 ASTM validity: 3/2023
*Sikaflex®-521 UV: white (EN)
/ black and grey (ASTM)