Glyfada, Greece

The temperature of this yoga studio must be at least 38 °C in order to maximize the benefits of hot yoga, which is performed in a heated room at 40 °C with 50% relative humidity. Therefore, in this specific wellness studio, there was a requirement for a floor protection system where constant, controlled temperature and humidity conditions prevail. 

Project Requirements

A key requirement was the creation of a floor with ecological qualities, friendly to the athlete, soundproof, comfortable and warm, as the body of the athletes during the exercises comes in direct contact with the flooring surface. Moreover, it should fulfill high hygienic standards and should be easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, the floor should be in harmony with the aesthetics of the whole space and support the creation of a pleasant, calming atmosphere.

Sika Solutions

Sika ComfortFloor® flooring system was the ideal choice for the specific requirements. It was applied in the reception area, in the locker rooms, in the exercise rooms and in the massage room.

  • Originally the concrete surface was prepared using mechanical means, followed by thorough cleaning and application of the two-component, solvent-free, epoxy resin Sikafloor®-161.
  • Afterwards, the adhesive Sikafloor®-Comfort Adhesive was applied on the surface in order to bond the elastic rubber mat Sikafloor®-Comfort Regupol 6015 H.
  • Sealing of the porous, elastic rubber mat was performed using Sikafloor®- Comfort Porefiller.
  • The basic layer of the system was the two-component, low-VOC, polyurethane resin Sikafloor®-330, which was finally sealed with the two-component, low-VOC, colored, mat polyurethane coating Sikafloor®-305 W.
  • The total thickness of the flooring system was approximately seven millimeters.

Products Used

Sikafloor®-Comfort Regupol 6015 H
Sikafloor®-Comfort Porefiller
Sikafloor®-305 W

Project Participants

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